Minutes of the 2022 First Virtual FIMSA Council Meeting


The 2022 Frist FIMSA Council Meeting was held on March 23 virtually under the Chairmanship of Prof Sunil K. Arora, President of FIMSA and Co-chair Prof. Bo Huang, FIMSA Secretary General. The meeting was attended by Prof. Laura Mackay (Past-president of FIMSA); Prof. Osamu Takeuchi (Vice-President of FIMSA) and FIMSA councilors: Dr. Liwei Lu, Dr. Tanapat Palaga, Dr. Nicholas Gascoigne, Dr. Shie-Liang Hsieh, Dr. Yuzhang Wu, Dr. Kazuyo Moro, Dr. Di Yu, Dr. Young-Min Hyun and Dr. Dhanushka Dasanayake. The meeting was co-hosted by Dr. Zhubo Chen and Dr. Jie Yao from FIMSA-secretariat.

Dr. Sunil Arora formally expressed welcome to all new council members. As the first meeting of the new council, he invited all the members one-by-one to give self-introduction.

The meeting discussed the future FIMSA courses and meetings. The Secretary-General, Prof. Huang was requested to start the meeting with circulated agenda. At the onset, the proposals were invited to conduct the FIMSA immunology Course in 2022. Prof. Mackay asserted that the course may be conducted in one of those societies which have not conducted such a course in near past. Prof Liwei Lu from the Hong Kong Society for Immunology came forward and offered to conduct the FIMSA Immunology Course-2022 in Hong Kong. The proposal was readily accepted by all members and it was requested that a formal proposal may be submitted on behalf of Hong Kong Society. The Japanese Society for Immunology agreed to host FIMSA Immunology course in 2023 in Chiba and Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology suggested to host the course in 2024. After the successful FIMSA Congress 2021 in South Korea, Society for Immunology Located in Taipei will host the FIMSA Congress 2024. And Indian Immunology Society is willing to propose for the FIMSA Congress in 2027.

For the International Day of Immunology, Dr Sunil Arora suggested the idea of celebrating the Day of Immunology under FIMSA flagship, to introduce immunology and FIMSA to the general public especially the school and college students. Dr. Laura Mackay supported the idea and suggested to make a good use of the social media to reach out to increase the FIMSA presence. Dr. Shie-Liang Hsieh also supported the idea and suggested one day conference and to make video records for the website. Dr. Tanapat Palaga suggested the form of videos for the public should be short and easy for the public to grasp. Dr. Di Yu suggested FIMSA member create social media account. Dr. Bo Huang suggested FIMSA society members write a short article/story to introduce immunology under the FIMSA flag. Dr. Kazuyo Moro pointed out that there is a concern that simply publishing videos on social media will not increase the number of viewers due to language differences, and suggested that PR such as showing videos at annual meetings held in various countries may be necessary to make young researchers aware of FIMSA's activities. However, no concrete decision could be reached on this issue and the President invited more suggestions from members through email to make the FIMSA academically more vibrant by conducting more virtual programs under FIMSA flagship like celebrating Day of Immunology and/or starting FIMSA Immunology lecture series etc.

In summary, this council meeting sticks member societies together and witnesses the solidarity and activities from all participants, which undoubtedly promotes the development of Immunology in the region of Asia-Oceania. The meeting ended with a vote-of-thanks to the Chair.